Interested in collaborating with Production Club?  

We love partnering with like-minded ambitious people and teams that want to fuck shit up.  Here are a few questions and thought-starters to help you get going.  We generally work by referral only, but you can always drop a line to as well if you want to say hello.  We only occasionally bite. What is the scale of your project?  Are you appropriately resourced?  We have set a “7 figure” threshold for projects.  That’s not to say we can’t explore any budget and scale, but that is the range we’ve found to be a good baseline of being able to realize ambitious experiential-based concepts.Is the project inspiring?  Is it cool?  Is it fun?  Money is important, but inspiration is everything.

Are you looking for creative or production services?  Production Club is at our best when we can do BOTH! Integrated creative and production where we work collaboratively to design and direct all elements of the project. Are you looking for the least expensive solution?  If so, we are probably not your best option.  That said, we are transparent in our billing and business practices.

Is your project a 911?  Quality things take time and craft, so we’re looking for collaborators that understand this and are willing to get proactive and organized.

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