red and purple lighting outside of a rave
red and purple lighting outside of a rave
red and purple lighting outside of a rave
red and purple lighting outside of a rave

Amazon Music '24
Lot Party
Jan. 30th 20244-7pm
Culver City, California

Disco never left. It slapped popular culture in America so hard that we were left with vinyl grooves imprinted on our hearts and minds. We wanted to pay homage to disco with the Amazon Music '24 Lot Party by transforming their campus into a groovy disco club. Think velvet, gold, mirrors, sheen and lots and lots of disco balls.

The club we created takes place in what we call the "spine" of the Amazon Music Studios campus (formerly the Culver Studios) it's a 500 foot long architectural canyon that we turned into one massive club. Starting with the entry we created a huge 25 feet tall by 40 feet deep experience lush with disco balls of different sizes hanging from the ceiling and reflected by 20 foot tall mirrors and a reflective floor flanked with long velvet drape.

Photography of the event was a big part of AM's plan so the party has multiple step and repeats for all the official pics of cool celebs and a couple cool photo booths for the rest of us. Both inspired by big materials from the 70s – one was made of glass and mirror creating a mini-infinity room for selfies and the other was made entirely of 70s inspired shag fur for a flashy and comfy group shot. On top of that we had photographers equipped with polaroid cameras giving guests analog tokens of their experience.

Another big reason for the party was for AM to show off it's brand new content creation studios, Studio126. This was turned into part of the party where guests got to tour the studios and experience various activations showing off their tech.

We canvassed the full length of the spine with colorful and reflective lighting towers inspired by the lighting designs from Studio 54. This treatment was the connective tissue of the party that guided our guests to the dancefloor of the club. This is where we killed them all.

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