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It's the conference before the party

As re:Invent has grown over the years, so has Production Club’s role. This year, more than ever, we partnered with the AWS Creative Team to curate an experience. In addition to creating the overall creative direction, we focused on the attendee experience from the initial demand gen + marketing creative in June to the final breakout session of the week in December. Production Club developed the look and feel that influenced and guided attendees throughout their re:Invent journey.

Creative Development

aws reinvent 2022 art direction
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Experiential Design

A key component of Production Club’s work with AWS is creating memorable attendee experiences. Our goal is to bring the re:Invent brand to life throughout the campus. This year we focused on creating immersive media moments with multiple touch points across the campus to celebrate the energy of AWS customers and provide moments of surprise and delight.

The Badge Pick-up experience at Venetian Expo was a primary hub for attendees and featured the largest experiential components across the campus, including a 220ft long LED screen, custom SWAG retail experience, and an arrangement of floating LED screens that featured dynamic content highlighting the colors of the art direction and calls to action.

reinvent 2022 production clubaws reinvent 2022 badge pickup renderreinvent 2022 help desk render

Attendee favorites like the Doodle wall, DJs, and dynamic media entry tunnel helped keep the energy high and attendees’ engaged. We focused early design explorations on the dynamism of the ‘particle line’ featured in this years creative direction.

reinvent 2022 chalk wallaws reinvent 2022 swagreinvent 2022 led hallwayaws reinvent wall motion graphicaws reinvent 2022 music djaws reinvent 2022 table tennis ping pong

AWS Village Booth Design

Our AWS Village concepts this year focused on a familiar AWS staple - the building block. Paired with this year's booth concept, Super Brand, we evolved the space to supersize these blocks and utilize them as containers for the primary activations inside the booth.

2022 marked a departure from the typical AWS brand colors with re:Invent leaning into a new color set and usage. The design of the booth environment aimed to weave together the various functional considerations while providing areas for attendees to refresh and recharge.

aws reinvent village cloud cafe 2022 aws reinvent 2022 basketball hoopaws cloud cafe 2022 reinvent production club aws reinvent 2022 cloud cafe aws villiage 2022 basketball aws cloud cafe 2022 production clubaws reinvent cloud cafe village 2022aws cloud cafe 2022 village production club

A mix of materials and dynamic lighting was used throughout the space to maintain an open and inviting space that celebrated the AWS brand. By leaning into the gradient nature of the updated colors we focused on semi-transparent materials that helped keep the blocks from feeling obtrusive or overbearing.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics play an integral role in the attendee experience, acting as an immersive way to connect key activations and locations through dynamic visuals. This year, in addition to our branded animation designs, we created three distinct visual environments that transformed the registration space into immersive experiences.

These animations were intended as surprise and delight moments for the attendees and functioned as a brief interruption from the daily re:Invent branded playlist. With this year's chosen concept, 'World', we played with the idea of how. we perceive and shape the ever-changing landscape. The works provide the viewer an abstract, yet surreal perspective of land, water, and sky through uplifting, colorful environments. Each of these visuals were paired with a custom designed audio track and lighting cues that supported the experience of moving into a new world.

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