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New Horizons for re:Invent 2023

Production Club partnered with the AWS Creative Team for the 7th year in a row, to create an awe-inspiring annual event in Las Vegas. With Production Club's all-encompassing art direction, "Horizons,” we created an immersive experience through dynamic light installations, custom audio experiences, and thoughtful graphic applications across six Las Vegas venues. “Horizons”  ushered over 55,000 attendees from their arrival at the Las Vegas airport all the way to the afterparty, PC-produced, re:Play.

AWS strives to prioritize their customers above all else. As AWS’ creative partner, our goal is not only to renew the re:Invent brand year over year, we are also tasked to bring this brand to life across multiple locations. We do this by weaving moments of surprise and delight throughout the campus that allow the attendee to feel fully immersed in the re:Invent brand. Balancing these high impact elements with complimentary brand ‘breadcrumbs’ allows us to connect the dots between venues so the attendee can consistently feel a part of the re:Invent experience even in the midst of the often visual overload of Las Vegas.

Attendee JourneyAWS VillageConcept DevelopmentWOW moments

Attendee Journey

The center of the attendee journey is the Venetian Convention Center. In order to balance the experience and maximize our budgets we chose to focus on the following areas in this journey: entry, community spaces, and the registration experience, which also serves as the entrance into the Expo.

This year our team transformed the primary entrance, a 450 foot hallway connecting the casinos to the Convention Center, from over-the-top baroque inspired decor to a truly immersive welcome moment. As attendees entered this space they were visually transitioned from the overwhelming casinos of the Strip to a beautiful, energetic space of discovery.

Entry Experience

bulb lighting ceiling instillation

Community Spaces

  • These moments along with attendee favorites like the Doodle Wall, Production Club curated DJs, and AWS community activities come together to keep the energy high all week long.
  • All spatial designs were inspired by 2023's creative direction, “Horizons,” which uses sweeping architectural forms and glowing horizon lines to tell a compelling story about the re:Invent experience.
  • In the Registration hall, attendees were welcomed with a massive 320-foot LED screen continuing to immerse them with custom 3D animations. This space has always served both functional and experiential purposes, including Keynote screenings, SWAG collection, games, lounge spaces for connecting with the community and even tattoos and piercings this year!
doodle wall at a conference
aws reinvent 2023 entrence


aws reinvent gradient wall badge pickup
3d animation LED wall swag station at a conference reinvent 2023 entrance hall
aws reinvent 2023 expo center

AWS Village inside Expo

AWS Village is the heart of the Expo, where attendees meet with AWS specialists and learn about their latest technologies and services. The concept for this year's Village design was ‘Convergence’, this concept builds on the overall intention of AWS and their community – to "draw people and ideas together to shape the future of our world." A series of layered, translucent panels descended from above to define industry zones and circulation pathways. Radiant lighting showcased the sculptural elements and vivid graphics of the space to deliver a sensory oasis within the busy Expo setting.

aws village inside expo
aws conference branding

Concept Development


This year's concept utilized a layered system of architectural forms and a glowing horizon line to invite attendees into a new space of curiosity, just beyond the horizon. Each year, our concept informs all of the event's animations, signage, digital assets, and spatial forms.

cool and warm color gradient on organic shapes

Retrospective Art Direction

aws reinvent retrospective art direction

Production Club develops a unique art direction for re:Invent every year while continuing to create imagery that reflects the AWS brand.

Key Art

Style Guide

  • Printed signage throughout Las Vegas incorporated the art direction's layed and interweaving shapes, dimensional shading, and a glowing horizon line.
  • Large signage was custom-designed by Production Club to avoid a repetitive "wallpaper" effect while still creating a consistent experience for attendees
reinvent 2023 style guidereinvent 2023 signage grid reinvent 2023 entrance outside banner

Spatial Design

Spatial concepts for this year’s re:Invent evolved based on the art direction, while maintaining a balance with the functionality of the space. For large scale experiences like the registration space and kinetic ceiling at the entry the focus was on creating an immersive experience and an awe inspiring space for the attendees focused heavily on media and lighting. Community moments such as the Doodle Wall and DJ booth were designed to reflect the Art Direction closely with the large sweeping curves and glowing horizon line. 

amazon conference spatial design sketch amazon conference entry way concept sketch
amazon spatial design renders to reality
aws reinvent spatial concept sketch amazon conference spatial sketch
aws reinvent 2023 3d render to reality. amazon conference spatial sketch spatial sketch  3d render

Motion Graphics

The motion graphics each year take their cues from Production Club's art direction and evolve into fully-refined 3D animations. We output several animations with varying degrees of complexity to accommodate differing engagement needs throughout the event.




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