Client: Amazon Web Services
Service: Art Direction, Branding, Spatial Design, Event Production
Year: 2021

re:Play 2021:
There's no getting around talking about the pandemic these days. Live events were hit hard by it in 2020 and so for 2021 AWS aimed to come back harder with re:Invent and the after party re:Play, which had over 8,000 attendees.

On its face, a party seems like a simple thing to do but it requires a fully multidisciplinary effort.

Using everything from spatial design to graphic design to lighting design to media design to production design and more, we employ virtually every creative design discipline towards the goal of bringing the best party possible to our attendees.

aws replay 2021 art direction

The look and feel of re:Play is created by "remixing" the brand elements of re:Invent to give them new purpose to surprise attendees who had been at re:Invent all week.

aws replay 2021 art direction aws replay 2021 render
aws replay 2021 entrance

To keep the party alive, we had one megastructure dedicated to music and one dedicated to activities that incorporated 181 chain motors, 3,900 ft of truss, and 29,000 lbs of ballast to support 40+ tons of lighting, audio, and 2600 sq ft of video screens.

Tuff Ghost, TokiMonsta, and ZEDD performed throughout the night.

aws replay 2021 zedd
aws replay 2021 tokimonstaaws replay 2021 stage visuals
aws replay 2021 music stage

181 chain motors,
3,900ft of truss,
29,000 lbs of lighting,
and 2,600 sq ft of video screens

aws replay 2021 graphic design
aws replay 2021 renderaws replay 2021 vip lounge

On top of all the music, food and drinks, we had a number of physical activities, listed below.

Office Chair Grand Prix, a high intensity 60' relay race with human powered office chairs.

Meltdown, an inflatable competition with motorized spinning arms that knocked people off of platforms in front of an uproarious audience.

Button Mash 3.0, a 25' tall video game we custom designed and produced for the event

Silent Disco, a funky retreat and loungey hideaway spot for those who felt the need to get away from the intensity of the games and music.

Dodgeball! This is a re:Play classic and this year we added some theatrics tol it with real-time light programming and fog.

Retro Arcade, a collection of all the best classic games arranged to feel like a lounge.

Sponsor Village was an amalgamation of small activities and games like ping pong and skeeball with a 360 degree bar in the middle.

Arena/Games Tent - Sponsor Village Activities

aws replay 2021 arena aws replay 2021 render
amazon replay 2021 ping pong
aws replay 2021 las vegas
aws replay 2021 graphic design
office chair grand prixaws replay 2021 meltdown

Silent Disco

aws replay 2021 silent discoaws replay 2021 art direction
aws replay 2021 silent disco
aws replay 2021 disco ball aws replay 2021 silent disco


replay 2021 dodgeball aws replay 2021 dodgeball
aws replay 2021 dodgeball

VIP Lounges/ Club 404

aws replay 2021 vip lounge
aws replay 2021 club 404 amazon replay 2021 club 404


aws replay 2021 map aws replay 2021 ephemera
aws replay 2021 merch aws replay 2021 all access pass
aws replay 2021 las vegas
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