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re:Play is back baby!

This year we took over the Las Vegas Grounds for the culmination of the week long re:Invent conference. This year we had TWO huge music stages that centered on EDM and live performances with headliners Martin Garrix and Thievery Corporation giving exciting performances at the end of the night. Preliminary acts were done by Chromeo, X-OUT, Zach Person, and the re:Play All Stars - Jen Lasher, Suga Shay, and Starya.

Attendees were drawn into the party through an entry portal that incorporated both lighting and sound design. Once inside, there were a bunch of fun activities for attendees like a game of Dodgeball setup inside a liquid-cooled computer tower, Archery Tag where people got to shoot arrows at each other and a Giant Slide where you climb up and slide down through a plane of fog and lasers.

2 Stages 
6 Performances

Of course no re:Play would be complete without Button Mash and this year we took it to the edge by letting 16 players battle it out with their feet on 32 pressure sensitive video panels. And we leveled up the graphics and added sound design making this a fully complete gaming experience.

Once the crowd was done sweating it out in The Arena, they had delicious food from Wolfgang Puck and free drinks all night that they could take and chill out with in our central courtyard that doubles as a silent disco, pumping in audio from both stages and a best of listening from past re:Plays

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This year was extremely successful thanks to a month long promotional campaign of social media posts and on-site videos. We were able to surpass our goal of 14,000 guests by over 5,000 people, hitting just under 20,000 attendees at the peak of the night

Every year it gets better and better, so we can't wait to see what we do for 2023.

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