MLS All-Star Cup 2023

In 2023, Production Club collaborated with MLS to deliver captivating visuals, an entrancing score, and impressive star-shaped Quasars, transforming the All-Star Cup into an unforgettable immersive experience.

Opening CeremonyQuasarsVisualsBTStop
mls all stars fireworks
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True to their namesake, the Quasars were designed as large, dynamic set pieces to anchor the production elements for the Field Show. Each unit contained several high intensity lighting elements, CO2 jets, flame projectors, and remote controlled lifts to further enlarge the pieces once deployed on the field.

graph of event progression

Given the ample resources provided by the Quasar set pieces and stadium special effects, we were able to create an action-packed visual spectacular driven by a high energy soundtrack mixed live during the show. With a running time of just over 1:30, there was never a lull in the action as a new series of effects were revealed in tight synchronization with each musical transition, culminating in a fireworks finale from the stadium rooftop.

diagram showing different art directions

The visuals were driven by the concept of “stars aligning”. We played with different elements from the event branding and composed them to the custom remix we did for this show of Skrillex’s “Rumble”. With a focus on kinetic typography we supported our field show while providing all necessary information to create the optimal setting for the game opening. It was a vibe.

people standing around an open truck with a blue sky in the backgroundflags waiting to be unfolded in the middle of a soccer field behind the scene at a soccer eventa woman dressed in a black t-shirt with sunglasses and a headset with grass in the background a lot of people crammed in a small beige room looking at computers mls 2023 all star game two men in a room dressed in black looking at computer monitors two people speaking to each other outside in front of a large building
men in black standing in a fieldblack and red flags outside on poles folded up two people in black shirts pose with their arms crossedtwo people standing inside of an outdoor tent while one person looks at their phonea table outside with papers and washcloths on it a perosn walking across a stadium defore the game startsa person standing on grass holding a whiteboard people sitting at a table outside listening to a speakerman in hat and blue shirt and standing in the middle of a stadium a man dressed in black crossing his arms in the middle of a soccer field group of people dressed in black and red clothing outsidetwo people overlooking a blue banner with text on it closeup of hands holding a microphone on a field two people dressed in black posing behind a tuck two people dressed in black hugging side by sidetwo people dressed in black shake hands with red and black flags in the backgroundperson laying down on a soccer field with red and black in the backgroundman on soccer field with headsetpeople standing outside with black and red flags in the backgroundopening ceremony of mls all-star game 2023person in black standing on the side of a soccer fieldtwo men with hats face the camera with a red wall in the backgroundperson walking across a soccer field before the game person driving a yellow tractor on an empty soccer fieldmls all star 2023 fieldperson in orange coat standing in a soccer fieldmen dressed in black on the side of a soccr field before the gamemls all star behind the scenes man walking on soccer field before the gamethree people standing together and talking on a soccer field a man looking at a computer in a dimly lit roomtwo people waving in the middle of a soccer fieldperson standing on a soccer field with black and red flag in the backgroundstar formation in the middle of a soccer field
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