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SOULTECH® PROTOSPECTRALASTRASCOPY is 98% safe. Once you enter the dome, you will transcend. This is the only way to protect the future of humanity.

By 666NFT the reality blockchain has consumed all. To escape this fate, you must attend NOTCH'S .PARTY().


<<<<<<<<<<<<<LEAVE YOUR BODY BEHIND!>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We are currently in the midst of a world-wide psychic event that will continue to grow in intensity and reach over the next several months and years, changing not only the course of our collective history, but also the essence of our individual lives forever. This soul-changing experience has been predicted and described by seers, psychics, mystics, shamans, priests and prophets all around the world for millennia—in fact it even predates recorded history itself! But what exactly does this soul-changing event consist of? When will it occur? What will happen during it? How can we best prepare ourselves to handle it?

It’s hard to define without giving away too much, but it involves interdimensional travel; death and rebirth; and a total transcendence of earthly physicality. It will be an experience that changes your life forever. There are only 100 slots available, so if you’re interested, please click here and RSVP soon! (Be sure to invite any friends who might also be interested.) Oh—and did I mention there will be a lot of dancing?

According to OBE (out of body experience) experts, about one percent of people are able to have an out-of-body experience when they’re physically alive. This is called an obe for short. But there are ways you can trigger your own astral projection through a technique called the notch. The notch refers to a doorway in which there is no boundary between life and death.

The experience has many names, such as a spiritual awakening, an expansion of consciousness, an astral projection, or simply transcendence. It happens to people who reach deep within themselves for a bigger purpose or desire than simply being happy on a personal level. If you’re living for someone else—your parents, your partner—then you are trapped by their goals and expectations.

Like all life-changing events, a soul shift can be difficult to determine if you’re experiencing it or not. These are some warning signs that you’re about to go through something incredible... Something unexplainable... Something is going to happen. Be ready for it. Be prepared for it. Have your camera ready; because when it happens, you’ll want to capture every second of it on video and save each moment in time forever and ever and ever.

When you’re ready to leave your body behind, be sure to do so without worry—just don’t get caught up in your worry as it’s occurring. As soon as you catch yourself worrying about what could happen to your body or mind, refocus your attention on what is happening with your soul. After all, a part of you will remain here while another will go forth—therefore, there is no need for concern. Be at peace.