From the beginning, we were never satisfied with the state of entertainment and felt that we could improve the way people come together to experience music.  We sought to create a model outside of ticket-sales where music thrives, creativity grows, and quality events are accessible and free for the attendee.  We desired big, ambitious projects that we could endeavor to improve the state of our own lives and that of those around us.
So we embraced the idea of becoming producers instead of promoters, being creative directors instead of music artists.  This allowed us to design and produce projects we loved doing while creating a business that could bridge music artists and gaming companies in fresh, unexpected ways.
Formed on Leap Year 2012, Production Club was our way of fulfilling this idea.  It was formed as an ambitious new alliance between Corey, Vivek, Miguel, and Kyle and utilized our collective backgrounds, skills, and experience in order to create something new.  We were busy right from the outset and landed two dream clients: electronic music pioneer Skrillex and the creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson aka Notch.  During this initial era we focused mainly on our survival: bootstrapping the business, delivering high-quality designs and productions, and handling extensive touring, events, parties, and creative/visual projects for a host of other electronic artists and gaming companies such as Zedd, Zhu, The Chainsmokers, Wargaming, Riot Games, Intel, Mojang, and others.   
With Skrillex, we first endeavored The Cell for his inaugural Mothership Tour.  The Cell featured real-time motion capture and 3D projection mapping technology and led us down a path with Skrillex where we ended up producing many designs, shows, and events including all 3 of his Spaceships, Dog Blood, Jack U, a Red Bull documentary, and more.
With Notch, we created a series of large-scale immersive nightclub events called “.party()” (pronounced dot party, like a coding sub-routine).  Together we produced parties in Stockholm, Seattle, Paris, Orlando, San Francisco, and eventually the party in the world’s largest air-supported dome at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.  From there, Notch bought the most expensive house ever sold in LA.  Once he moved in, we started throwing events at the house, allowing for our larger network of people in the music, gaming, and film industries to come together.
In 2014, we secured AWS as a client.  At the time, we were looking for a single tech client to help strengthen and grow the business.  It couldn’t have gone better.  We first produced the AWS re:Play Party as the closing night event of AWS’s re:Invent cloud conference in Las Vegas.  Over the next years, we did a tremendous amount of work together, handling the overall creative direction and experience design for re:Invent at large as well as handling art direction for AWS’s Global Field Events.  In 2019, AWS and Production Club partnered to concept, create, and launch the Intersect Festival the weekend following re:Invent that featured Anderson Paak, Foo Fighters, Gesaffelstein, and more  
Before the pandemic of 2020, we had been working to find the next level of Production Club for the decade ahead.  When the pandemic hit, it turned our aspirations into necessities and re-ignited our survival instincts to more purposefully align on what we want to create together in the next phase of our development.  A major part of this has always been a desire to help more and to invent solutions that bring people together.  As a part of this renewed ideology, we introduced the Micrashell, a pandemic-proof suit designed to safely attend concerts and nightlife events that went minorly viral and gained some mainstream attention.  
So now, armed with a vision to create the world’s most inspiring and original entertainment, break down the walls between physical and virtual entertainment, and to expand our entertainment industry ecosystem, we are prepared to push forward together into the new decade.


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