It is a pleasure to meet you.  We have visited many of your locations and been fans of your work for many years.  Many people from our Production Club team have traveled to Japan on numerous occasions for inspiration and reflection, and it would be an honor to work on an event together in 2022.

Production Club is a passionate team dedicated to creating next-generation, original, and inspiring live entertainment. Our passion drives us to collaborate with some of the most ambitious music artists, sports teams, marketing executives, and brands globally to design, direct, and produce large-scale live entertainment from concept to execution.

We have selected a few relevant projects to showcase our capabilities for you. Please scroll down and enjoy. Note that each of these projects was designed and produced by our in-house team with our collective sweat and blood.


Show design and Production

Every year, we produce large-scale festivals and experiences in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and around the world. With our in-house team, we handle events in their entirety, working as a strategic and collaborative partner with our clients. Our purview typically includes strategy, finance, talent booking, stage management, operations, security, creative direction, stage design, lighting design, on-screen visuals, interactive technology, drones, special effects, media content, brand activations, marketing, and more.

Shows & Spectacles

Production Club designs and produces concerts and tours for some of the top names in contemporary electronic music. Handling broadcast, show direction, creative direction, production design, and live visuals, we love these projects because they keep our skills sharp and our inspiration high.

Private Events & Talent Booking

Production Club has executed a wide variety of private and executive events for our top clients including Andy Jassy (CEO of Amazon), Markus Persson (creator of Minecraft), and others. We love having clients from various industries, fusing different cultures and styles to create unforgettable, high-impact events. Our in-house booking team also curates, secures, and hosts top-tier musical talent and performers for all of our projects.


Production Club produces large-scale conferences around the world, offering full-service design, creative direction, branding, and production capabilities.

Thanks for your time. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to discuss further.