Amazon Web Services AWS re:Invent 2017

In 2017 Amazon Web Services asked Production Club to re-envision their re:Invent conference and expo in Las Vegas. We developed a brand new strategy from the ground up for the event’s layout, leading to a more efficient use of the space, greater attendee flow, and an upgraded visual experience spanning the website, promotional videos, mobile app, email communication, and the event space itself.

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Attendee Flow Strategy

By working closely with AWS, we provided a rearranged conference, expo and registration plan that maximized first impression and impact, use of space, attendee flow, and event immersion both in and outside the keynote and expo halls. These improvements to flow and impact were critical, as conference attendance continues to grow, while venue space remains static.

aws attendee flow

Data Flow Art Direction

A new ‘Data Flow’ art direction and theme were created to unify the re:Invent visual identity throughout the promotional and on-site phases of the project. The design was used to skin all conference programming including keynotes and workshops, existing venue surfaces, and custom-created elements in a cohesive and boldly recognizable pattern that helped to ensure all 40,000+ attendees were connected to the conference, no matter where across the otherwise distraction-prone, expansive Las Vegas campus they found themselves. Further, the design was implemented into all digital branding elements including the website, promotional videos, mobile app, email communication, and more. The ‘Data Flow’ continued through the week to connect the re:Invent campus to the interactive AWS re:Play party, from the graphics on the massive megastructures to the visuals of the main stage design.

amazon data flow art direction

Registration Fabric Wall Concept

The main conference registration and expo spaces were separated by a 400 ft. visually striking multi-layered fabric wall, which functionally divided the spaces while offering an iconic photo moment and a visual landmark for attendees. The fabric wall was one of many elements that offered a physical interpretation of the conference art direction theme – Data Flow.

amazon fabric wall concept

AWS Booth Concept

We designed new landmark elements that anchored the overall conference experience for attendees including the flagship of the Expo Hall, AWS’s own ‘open box booth,’ a concept based on the recently updated AWS logo, with an open layout optimized for high throughput and heavy crowds.

aws booth concept

Entry Arch Concept

aws reinvent entry

Swag Distribution Concept

swag distribution concept

Cube Lounge Concept

amazon cube lounge

By taking a layered approach to immersion and connectedness, utilizing existing venue staples and designing new landmark features, connecting weekday conferences to a week-ending party, we aimed to ensure a memorable conference for all attendees, no matter which combination of sessions, events, or attractions was best for their week at AWS re:Invent.

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